• Habitat Tour 2013: scientists tour projects to restore fish habitat in the Columbia Basin

    April 22-26:

    Umatilla, Tucannon, Walla Walla

    Eric Quaempts, CTUIR Director of Dept. of Natural Resources  (right) discusses the Tribes' project to restore Meacham Creek. Others, left to right:  Mike Lambert, CTUIR Umatilla Habitat project lead; Kevin Blakely, ODFW John Day Watershed Manager; Gary James, CTUIR Fisheries Program Manager.


      Railroad dike setback on Meacham Creek.

      The CTUIR's improvements to Meacham Creek opened up the floodplain, creating better habitat for young fish.
  • About the ISRP

    The Independent Scientific Review Panel is an eleven-member group of scientists appointed by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council to provide independent scientific review of its fish and wildlife recovery projects. A 1996 amendment to the Northwest Power Act directed the ISRP to advise the Council regarding projects that are directly funded by BPA under the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program and evaluate whether they:


    q are based on sound science principles;

    q benefit fish and wildlife;

    q have clearly defined objectives and outcomes; and

    q have provisions for monitoring and evaluation of results



    About the Geographic Review

    During the spring and summer of 2013, ISRP and Council staff are visiting habitat restoration projects for salmon and steelhead in the Columbia Basin.  The tour is part of a comprehensive review of 87 habitat projects funded by BPA under the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program, known as the geographic review.  An important function of these reviews is to evaluate project results (i.e., are they addressing factors that limit salmon and steelhead survival) and how well the projects have adapted proposed future work based on those results.


    The tour provides a great opportunity to feature the accomplishments of the federal caucus's many partners in the Columbia Basin.

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