• Mountain Creek stream improvements: Wheeler Soil & Water Conservation District

    This map shows the distribution of shading along this reach of Mountain Creek. (Green shows higher percentage of shading. Yellow, orange and red show successively less percentage of shading.) Working with landowners, the SWCD is planting vegetation along the Creek in order to cool stream temperatures and provide better habitat for fish.

    About three-quarters of the stream reach has a low amount of shade cover.
    The SWCD is monitoring stream temperatures and water levels at several locations in Mountain Creek, shown on the map to the right. The blue line shows the historic stream channel and the red line shows the location of a bypass channel. Dots show locations of temperature loggers and water level monitoring loggers on the respective channels.  
  • About the project sponsor

    The Wheeler Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a subdivision of the state government, formed in 1963 and led by a locally elected volunteer board of directors who have a commitment to conserving natural resources. The district's charge is to help conserve the land, water, plants, and wildlife resources in Wheeler County, Oregon through planning assistance and voluntary application of conservation measures.