• A hatchery program is bringing back wild Snake River Sockeye
  • Fishery opens on Imnaha in Eastern Oregon for second time in 40 years
  • Tribal hatcheries in Clearwater, Walla Walla and Methow are restoring fish
  • Types of hatchery programs

    BPA, the Corps, Reclamation and NOAA Fisheries are funding  an extensive hatchery program to mitigate for the impacts to fish resulting from the construction and operation of the federal dams. There are 208 hatchery programs in the Columbia River Basin; of those, 90 hatcheries rear and release ESA-listed fish and 64 of those ESA programs are federally funded. 


    Hatchery conservation programs for ESA-listed Upper Columbia, Mid-Columbia, and Snake River steelhead help preserve and rebuild genetic resources and assist in promoting recovery.


    Safety-net programs such as the Snake River Sockeye Program reduce the extinction risk of at-risk populations.


    Reintroduction programs help fish get a new start in areas where they have been gone for years – for example, coho in the Yakima subbasin.