• Supporting Columbia River Basin fish and habitat

    USACE fish cooling systems on the Snake River benefit salmon and steelhead Fish cooling systems help alleviate warm water concerns
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District has developed and constructed fish cooling systems at Lower Granite and Little Goose dams to alleviate warming water concerns for salmon and steelhead.
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    Educational Salmon Series Inspires Students

    Educational Salmon Series Inspires Students as Stewards
    Salmon are heroes that can beat seemingly insurmountable odds. That is the foundation of NOAA Fisheries' educational program called "An Incredible Journey." The series, launched in 2018, includes a vividly illustrated children's book, a board game, and a 10-lesson curriculum.

    Lower Granite Dam may give us valuable new information about salmon survival through the hydro systemNew Snake River Fish Detection System Increases Tracking More Than Tenfold
    A new system is helping track salmon through federal dams on the lower Snake and Columbia rivers. It has detected more than 10 times as many juvenile fish in its first several weeks of operation as could have been tracked before, biologists say.

    Video: Army Corps began installing the monitoring system for PIT tag technology at Lower Granite SpillwayPassive Integrated Transponder
    In November 2019, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began installing the monitoring system for the Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Tag technology at Lower Granite Spillway.

    burbot BPA ratepayers help Idaho's burbot population boom
    The Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and collaborating agencies have released more than 530,000 juvenile and 14,000,000 larval burbot into Idaho's and British Columbia's Kootenai River since 2009. Read more >>

    Push up dam before restoration Restoring Northwest waterways: Eighteenmile Creek
    Several restoration projects in the upper Salmon River subbasin are part of a larger effort to improve the health of the river and its tributaries. One was recently completed in Eighteenmile Creek near Leadore, Idaho. Read more >>

    Bird Track Springs Fish Habitat EnhancementBird Track Springs Fish Habitat Enhancement
    A grand plan on the Grande Ronde River! Partners work to restore complexity to a 1.9-mile stretch of the river, enhancing habitat for anadromous and resident fish. Read more >>

    Bull Trout Enhancement, Yakima Basin Integrated PlanBull Trout Enhancement
    Federal, State, and Tribal partners have developed a framework under a 2015 Memorandum of Understanding to benefit the Bull Trout populations through fish passage and habitat improvements in the Yakima River Basin in Washington.

    Columbia Helicopter crews and Yamaka Nation biologists place woodHelicopters place thousands of logs in Washington streams for fish
    Properly constructed instream wood structures reduce stream velocity and pushes water into streamside floodplains and wetlands, many of which have been disconnected for decades as a result of past forest practices. Read more >>

    The Scott Creek enhancement project aimed to improve habitats necessary for winter steelhead spawning and rearing.Corps helps protect steelhead
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers partnered with the South Santiam Watershed Council in August 2017 to assist in implementing the Scott Creek Steelhead Enhancement project and to carry out shared educational and restoration goals that protect and enhance Oregon’s watersheds. Read more >>

    A salmon leaps out of the water to overcome an underwater obstacle on its way up the North Santiam River near Big Cliff Dam, Ore., July 7, 2011.Corps juggles dam operations, fish survival in the Willamette Valley 
    An upcoming Corps construction project at Detroit Lake, Oregon has been generating buzz around the region because of its potential impacts on thousands of Willamette Valley residents. Read more >>

    Fishing for pikeminnow leadMore than 180,000 salmon-eating fish removed from Columbia and Snake rivers
    More than 3,000 people registered for the 2018 Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program. Combined, they spent more than 23,000 angler days catching and removing 180,271 of the salmon-eating fish, protecting young salmon and steelhead from predation. Read more >>

    McNary Dam 10Flexible spill agreement aims to benefit salmon and hydropower
    Federal, State and Tribal partners reached an agreement on a key component of operating federal dams in the Columbia River Basin. The agreement covers up to three years of fish passage spill operations at eight lower Columbia and Snake River dams. Read more >>



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    The Columbia Basin Federal Caucus agencies may issue joint news releases on key topics. In addition, individual agencies will issue their own news releases about projects and actions taken to improve conditions for ESA-listed fish and lamprey.

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