• Accord Partner: The State of Idaho


    A high mountain stream in Idaho is important to ESA-listed Snake River sockeye and

    Snake River spring chinook. 




    A series of projects over the last five years reconnected Lemhi Little Springs Creek in South Central Idaho, shown here, with the Lemhi river. In addition to irrigators and landowners in the area, project partners included:

    Idaho Department of Fish and Game

    Lemhi Soil and Water Conservation District

    Idaho Department of Water Resources

    Trout Unlimited 

    The Nature Conservancy 



    Fourth of July Creek culvert before removal.












     Fourth of July Creek after bridge installation

    Site of the new Springfield Hatchery, scheduled for completion in December 2013. The hatchery is the next phase of moving the Sockeye Captive Broodstock Program from a program to conserve genetics of the Snake River sockeye towards a program to recover the species.  Shown, under construction, is the incubation/indoor rearing/office building. Outside rearing raceways in foreground.The new hatchery is designed to rear up to 1,000,000 sockeye smolts annually.     



  • Snake River Sockeye in Redfish Lake
    About the State of Idaho Fish Accords

    On May 2, 2008, the State of Idaho signed a Fish Accord with the Action Agencies.  The agreement provides $41.3 million for the permanent protection of fish and wildlife habitat through land purchases and conservation easements, habitat restoration and water transactions in the Upper Lemhi, Lower Lemhi and Pahsimeroi rivers, as well as in the lower Clearwater and Potlatch watersheds.  In addition, the agreement provides capital funding for expansion of facilities for the Snake River Sockeye Hatchery Program to meet requirements of the FCRPS BiOp for Snake River sockeye, listed as endangered under the ESA.


    Link to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game website

    Link to the State of Idaho Accord

        Attchment A - Idaho Projects


    Locations of Idaho Fish Accord projects.

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    The Fish Accord partnerships

    The Columbia Basin Fish Accords, first signed in 2008, establish a historic partnership among three federal action agencies (BPA, the Corps and Reclamation), six Northwest tribes and three states. 



    They provide firm commitments to hydro, habitat and hatchery actions, greater clarity about biological benefits and secure funding for 10 years.


    Under these agreements, the federal agencies, tribes and states work together as partners to provide tangible survival benefits for salmon recovery by upgrading passage over federal dams, restoring river and estuary habitat, and through scientific hatchery management.