• Different types of surface passage


    The  corner collector at Bonneville Dam (below, close up; right, aerial view) takes juvenile fish around the dam. Juvenile fish survival through this route is 100 percent. 


    At The Dalles Dam, a sluiceway provides surface passage. The Dalles Dam also has a spillwall installed on the downstream side that guides juvenile fish away from predators after they pass the dam.


    Surface passage for juvenile fish at Lower Monumental Dam is through spill and spillway weirs. Note the adult fish ladder at the right of the photo. 

  • Salmon and steelhead survival

    April 17, 2015: Juvenile fish are getting safely past McNary Dam. See recent media coverage here.  

    See the surface passage and other routes at each FCRPS dam and the survival estimates based on the most recent scientifically designed tests. All dams are on track to meet the BiOp performance standards for juvenile fish survival, 96 percent for spring chinook and steelhead; 93 percent for summer migrating fish. 



    Bonneville Dam

    The Dalles Dam

    John Day Dam

    McNary Dam

    Ice Harbor Dam

    Lower Monumental Dam

    Little Goose Dam

    Lower Granite Dam