• Final 2013 Comprehensive Evaluation and 2014-18 Implementation Plan

    Jan. 10, 2014: The Action Agencies have finalized the 2013 Comprehensive Evaluation and the 2014-2018 Implementation Plan for the FCRPS BiOp. Below is a key to these documents and related reports that the Agencies have produced. Click on the box or go to the individual links at the right. For more information on the CE and the IP, go to these pages in this site:

    2013 Comprehensive Evaluation
    2014-2018 Implementation Plan

    CE IP Table of Contents

    * Links to Section 1. For links to Sections 2 and 3 and Appendices of the 2013 Comprehensive Evaluation, see box on right hand side of this page.

    About these documents:

    Summary documents are high-level overviews. The Overview to the CE and IP provides context for the Comprehensive Evaluation and the Implementation Plan, including background on the current ESA consultation for the FCRPS. The Citizen’s Guide is an illustrated 16-page summary of the findings in the Comprehensive Evaluation.

    BiOp reporting documents are reports that the Action Agencies produced in response to requirements in NOAA Fisheries’ FCRPS BiOp.

    Supporting documents include benefits papers,a synthesis paper and guides.

    q Two benefits papers summarize the research and findings to date on tributary and estuary habitat restoration and their benefits for fish. The synthesis paper summarizes the progress and results of system improvements and operations. These draw from numerous published science papers and reports, which are listed in each document.

    q The guides describe the process that scientists and local expert panels use to evaluate the tributary and estuary habitat projects the Action Agencies and their partners are implementing under the BiOp.       

  • Links to Documents

    Overview to the CE and the IP 

    Comprehensive Evaluation

    Section 1
    Section 2
    Section 3

    Implementation Plan

    Response to Comments

    Supporting Documents:

    Tributary Benefits Paper
    Estuary Benefits Paper
    Hydro Synthesis Paper
    Tributary Expert Panel Guide
    Estuary ERTG Guide

    Also, see this 2013 Pacific Northwest Labs report on the effects of ecosystem restoration in the estuary:

    Evidence-Based Evaluation of Estuary Habitat Restoration  

    Peruse the Citizen's Guide with highlights of the 2013 Comprehensive Evaluation: